All Levels

Guitar Lessons

Unlock your musical potential with personalized guitar lessons. From beginners to advanced players, discover a tailored approach that uses your favorite music as practice material.

Individual Lessons

Online or in person in Eagle County

Modern acoustic or electric guitar

Learn exercises, practice strategies, and theory

Bring your own guitar

30-60 minute lessons

Ages 8 and older

Monday - Friday

Group Lessons

Bring or make friends in Eagle County

Experience playing as a duo or band

Learn group specific skills and exercises

Lower pricing available

45-60 minute lessons

Ages 12 and older

Monday - Friday

Beginner Level

Music Production Courses

Ready to begin your music production journey for your next song or podcast project? Alberto specializes in guiding beginner producers and engineers to produce high-quality audio projects.

Home Recording Camps

101 Software Basics W/ Soundtrap

102 Project and Progress

All Online

4 sessions per camp

Grouped by age and availability

Monday - Friday

Coming soon!

Individual Lessons

Online or in person

Learn DAW software and recording basics

Logic Pro X, GarageBand, and Soundtrap

Personalized guidance for your projects and home studio

Great for beginners

Monday - Friday

Online Payment Options

Venmo @AlbertoBeltranMusic

Zelle albertobeltranmusic@gmail.com

Visit your preferred online payment source to submit a payment.

Music Theory Tutoring

Included and recommended with all individual lessons

Understanding music theory can introduce new perspectives and provide vocabulary to describe the science of your music. With Alberto's personalized approach, music theory is made fun and accessible rather than a daunting chore.

Online or in person

Traditional or modern approach

College music theory levels 1-3

Learn using guitar, piano, or MIDI

Helpful skills for all musicians and composers

Monday - Friday

Private Music Theory Tutoring